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The Simple Addition To Prevent The Ricotta In Lasagna From Drying Out
Lasagna is one of those dishes that requires plenty of time, ingredients, and steps, but it’s worth every second of effort. The creamy mozzarella and ricotta cheeses are one of the best parts of a basic lasagna, but delicate ricotta has a tendency to dry out in the oven, so try adding this secret ingredient to keep it moist and creamy.
To prevent ricotta from drying out, beat an egg into the cheese before layering it with your other lasagna ingredients and following the recipe as normal. Egg whites have lots of water (88%), while egg yolks are made up of 50% water and also plenty of fat, and both the white and yolk add moisture and richness to your lasagna.
The extra moisture, fat, and binding proteins from the egg ensure that the ricotta won't break or crack, lose its water content, and get dry during baking, retaining its creamy texture. You can also beat seasonings and herbs into the ricotta along with the egg to give it an extra boost of flavor in the final lasagna.