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The Simple Addition That Will Elevate The Flavor Of Store-Bought Frosting
According to a 2020 study compiled by Statista, 153.6 million people in the U.S. buy cake frosting from the store instead of making their own. Store-bought frosting's convenience can't be beat, and there are plenty of flavors available, but your average tub of Betty Crocker buttercream will taste much better if you add a secret ingredient.
Flavored syrups for use in cocktails, coffee, or even snow cones can add dimension to the flavor of store-bought frosting. Add cherry or toffee syrup to plain old vanilla frosting, or combine coffee-flavored syrups with chocolate frosting for a mocha twist; you can even try using your reliable maple syrup that's usually reserved for pancakes.
If you keep the sweetness of your frosting in mind before adding syrups, you can use just the right amount and keep the sugar levels in check. The world of syrups is full of unique flavors to test out, so experiment by mixing smaller amounts of syrup and frosting to find a combo that's worthy of spreading all over a layer cake.