Cake covered in chocolate frosting on white platter on white surface
The Simple Addition That Chops The Sweetness Of Store-Bought Frosting
Store-bought frosting is an easy way to quickly put together tasty desserts, but it can be much sweeter than necessary. Fortunately, you can use some salt to balance it out.
Simply add salt to the frosting in very sparing intervals and taste it as you go. If you mix in too much salt, you can add more frosting, but it's better to just take it slow.
You can experiment with different salts for added crunch or unique flavors. To boost the frosting without adding saltiness, try mixing in chocolate, coconut flakes, or fruit.
You can also thicken your frosting for more stable layer cakes or thin it out for a glaze-like coating on pound cake or donuts, making it even more suited for your baked goods.