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The Simple Addition For Thicker, More Flavorful Creamed Kale
Kale is one of those greens that you'll either love or hate, but it is the main ingredient when it comes to making creamed kale. However, sometimes, creamed kale can end up thin, runny, and a bit watery, but you can fix that with the addition of a simple, tangy ingredient — cream cheese.
Cream cheese is known to pair well with a variety of herbs, seasoning, fruits, and even other cheeses. So, when you add cream cheese to your creamed kale dish, it will give the dish just the right amount of thickness and richness, as well as offset any bitter kale flavors.
Food blog Slender Kitchen recommends adding about four ounces of cream cheese to the cream sauce, along with parmesan cheese and your choice of seasonings. Just stir the cream cheese into the sauce, over medium heat, until it starts to melt, then mix in the kale.