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The Simple Addition
For Stiffer Whipped Cream
As a light and sweet addition to both top off your dessert or top off a warm cup of coffee, your choice of whipped cream should be a diligent one. These days, the better direction seems to be home-made over store bought.
Unfortunately, according to Blue Flame Kitchen, whipped cream is made by trapping air bubbles between water and a high fat content, which will separate over time, causing the texture to deflate. This doesn’t occur with store bought cream, because their added stabilizers help food keep the same texture over time, per Southern Living.
Meringue powder, which is mostly made of cornstarch and pasteurized and dried egg whites, will work perfectly as an at-home stabilizer. Southern Living says to add one teaspoon of meringue powder for every two cups of heavy cream, once it's been whipped up into soft peaks, for the perfect, preserved texture.