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The Simple Addition For A Perfect Chocolate Coating
Most Americans would agree that chocolate is one of life's greatest pleasures; the U.S. buys more chocolate for holidays than any other type of candy. It’s no secret that one of the best ways to make your favorite food better is coating it in chocolate, but looks are also important, and that’s where coconut oil comes in.
Coconut oil is often used in place of fats, like butter and vegetable oil, to make cookies and cakes fluffier, but it can also be used to ensure a perfect chocolate coating. Coconut oil hardens into a matte-like consistency, which will give your coating a beautiful gleam along with a silky smooth surface, says Southern Living.
According to Delish, coconut oil will even make your chocolate thicker and give it more texture, creating the perfect bite for your chocolate-coated desserts. Per Southern Living, it’s best to follow a one tablespoon of coconut oil for every one cup of chocolate ratio in order to make your chocolate coating the best it can be.