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The Silverware Etiquette Tip You Should Know For Fancy Restaurants
Fancy restaurants can be daunting, especially when it feels like a certain decorum is expected. However, there are a few guidelines to follow when eating in finer establishments that can help you navigate your night like a pro, like learning how to use your silverware to send subtle signals to the waitstaff.
If you need to leave the table, your fork and knife should be set at the top portion of your plate in an upside-down V. If you loved the food, lay the fork and knife together across your plate horizontally facing to the right; if you didn’t enjoy your food, repeat your knife and fork upside-down V with the knife in between the tines of the fork.
If you’re finished eating, you can place your knife and fork together where 10:20 would be if your plate was a clock face. The fork should face up and the edge of the knife should be directed towards the center of the plate. This can help you signal to the waitstaff who will come clear your place setting.