David Chang smiles at an event.
The Signature Dish David Chang Credits For His Restaurant Prosperity
Although it was a late addition to his menu at Momofuku, chef David Chang is now famous for pork buns. The chef even says, "I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for pork belly."
Chang wanted a dish that could make use of the extra pork belly that didn't go into his ramen bowls. He was inspired to create steamed buns by a restaurant in NYC's Chinatown.
Chinese-style steamed buns have grown in popularity in America, and today, Momofuku even sells 12-packs of the buns for cooks to prepare themselves at home.
Momofuku's buns with pickles, scallions, and juicy pork belly have inspired other restaurants to put similar meat, veggie, and steamed bun sandwiches on their own menus.
"It has a burst of fat flavor from the salty pork belly, and then it's got this cool, crunchy texture from the pickled cucumbers," Chang says of his signature dish's appeal.