Freshly baked golden crusted bread packed with Italian cold cuts, cheese,  lettuce, tomatoes and topped with oil and vinegar
The Shatterproof Meat Rule For True Italian Cold Cut Sandwiches
The meat in an Italian cold cut sandwich needs to taste fresh and flavorful and be arranged perfectly, and the key to getting it right is to buy thinly-sliced meat from the deli.
Freshly-sliced meat from your local deli has fewer preservatives and is less processed compared to pre-packaged cold cuts, delivering a fresher flavor in your sandwich.
You’ll want to ask for the meat to be sliced thinly, since thick slices are hard to bite through and deliver more saltiness in each bite, which can overwhelm the sandwich.
Since Italian subs use a mixture of two or three different meats, thinner slices also help the cold cuts' flavors blend together more seamlessly for a harmonious meal.