Beef Pot Roast In Cast Iron Dutch Oven
The Sharp Ingredient To Enhance The Flavor Of Slow Cooker Pot Roast
Dijon mustard contains a compound called verjuice, an acidic grape juice product also present in white wine. Just like wine, this mustard can enhance the flavor of pot roast.
Unlike other mustards, Dijon has a delicate balance of heat and acidity. This umami-rich condiment provides a boost of tangy flavor to rich and dark pot roasts.
Any variety of Dijon mustard will work, though a smooth version will be easier to incorporate into the pot than a coarsely ground whole-grain variety.
With most pot roast recipes, you'll only need to stir a tablespoon or two into the cooking liquid to freshen up the flavor. Or, rub the meat with Dijon mustard before cooking.
Refrain from adding Dijon to a recipe that already has plenty of acid, like a Mississippi Roast, which uses pickled pepperoncini. For all other pot roasts, this mustard is perfect.