Slices of garlic bread
The Secret To Unbeatable Garlic Bread Is Doubling Up On The Flavor
To make garlic bread even more flavorful, double up on the garlic. By using both fresh garlic and garlic powder, you'll create garlic bread that's bursting with unbeatable flavor.
The different forms of garlic bring in unique qualities. Fresh garlic adds bold, pungent, and spicy notes, while the powder provides a mellow, sweet, and evenly distributed flavor.
With garlic butter already spread on the bread, sprinkle garlic powder on top. This adds an extra layer and ensures that the garlic is evenly distributed on the piece of bread.
This duo ensures that every bite is a well-balanced explosion of garlic. By opting for these two forms, you'll get all of the best flavorful notes the powerful ingredient offers.