Whiskey or bourbon splashing out of a shot glass surrounded by ice cubes on a black reflective surface Taken in the studio. This image was photographed at 1/8000th of a second completely freezing the splash.  There is a warm golden light giving it a classy feel with a glow in the background.
The Secret To The Perfect Whiskey Smash Is The Muddle
A classic whiskey smash is made with Kentucky bourbon, simple syrup, and mint. It sets itself apart by adding muddled – or crushed — lemon wedges.
This unique twist on the traditional recipe is what puts the "smash" in the cocktail's name. Muddling plays a crucial role in crafting a good whiskey smash.
When you muddle the lemon wedges, you release their juices and extract the aromatic oils from their peels, complementing the smoky whiskey and the sweet simple syrup.
To perfect this vital technique, get a quality cocktail muddler. Then, press fresh lemon wedges in a cocktail shaker with the muddler to extract the oils and juices.
You must be very careful not to over-muddle the lemons. Over-muddling occurs when you use too much force and smash them into bits, which mixes bitterness with your extract.
The trick is to use as little force as possible while pressing down and slightly twisting the muddler to coax the essences out.