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The Secret To Taller Biscuits Is All About Your Oven
There are a few tricks that can help you bake tall, fluffy biscuits, such as using double-acting baking powder, which provides a one-two punch of sodium bicarbonate and acid to make the dough rise. However, no leavening agent can perform well if you don't expose it to a sufficient level of heat in the oven.
First, avoid prematurely activating your baking powder by keeping your ingredients cold. Pop your flour in the fridge for a few hours before making your biscuits, keep your butter in the fridge until you need it, and use a food processor to combine your ingredients, since the warmth of your hands can melt the butter.
Preheating your oven is also essential to creating tall biscuits; once your oven beeps, meaning it's reached the temperature listed on your recipe, wait a few more minutes to really make sure it's hot enough before putting your biscuits inside. Ensuring that your oven is extra hot helps to start the leavening process right away.