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The Secret To Maximizing The Flavor Of Your Apple Cider Coffee Cake
Something about the autumn season seems to bring out the best in desserts, with beloved sweet treats including pumpkin rolls and sweet potato pie. Besides pumpkin spice lattes, one of the most popular fall drinks is apple cider, and this beverage can be used as an ingredient in spectacular fall desserts.
One great use for cider is to mix it into coffee cake for a treat with the flavor and scent of fall apples. Before adding cider to your other ingredients, you need to boil the drink down into a thick, honey-like consistency to avoid a soupy batter, and another way to maximize the apple flavor is to add applesauce, as well.
Adding applesauce to your cider coffee cake doubles down on the fruit, and the sauce intensifies the cake's overall flavor and improves its texture, making it more moist. Fresh apples that have been grated or chopped can be added to the cake as well, for the ultimate triple-apple dessert (or breakfast).