Full rack of grilled barbecue ribs with barbecue sauce on a dark background
The Secret To Irresistible Grilled Ribs Is Coffee
Barbecue enthusiasts have long been using coffee in their rib recipes, taking advantage of the bitter, peppery flavor and aroma that the ground beans bring to the meat.
Not only does coffee enhance the flavor of the meat, it acts as a natural tenderizer. Tannins in coffee bind to protein strands, resulting in less tightening when cooking.
Start by adding a couple of tablespoons of ground coffee to a simple three-ingredient dry rub recipe consisting of garlic salt, brown sugar, and smoked paprika.
The finer the coffee grounds, the bolder the taste, so consider this when choosing the strength of roast and the coarseness of your grind.
A good rule of thumb is to add the blend of coffee you enjoy drinking. Then, apply it liberally to your ribs, wrap them in plastic or foil, and refrigerate them for several hours.