A plate of pasta Bolognese
The Secret To Genuine Italian Meat Sauce Is Caramelized Pork
When it comes to making an Italian meat sauce, Americans tend to reach for ground beef. However, in Italy, meat sauce usually uses pork, and not the simple ground kind, either.
Pork is a staple in traditional Italian sauces, and the secret to getting that deep, meaty flavor is to brown and caramelize the meat instead of just tossing it into the pot.
You’ll want fatty cuts of pork, like the shoulder, spare ribs, pancetta, or even sausage. These cuts have more fat than ground beef, leading to better browning and flavor.
Cut the pork thickly so it falls apart when cooked. After slowly browning it to bring out its sweet notes, cook the rest of the sauce even more slowly so the flavors meld together.