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The Secret Menu Starbucks Drink To Enjoy On A Full Moon
Sometimes it feels like Starbucks' "secret menu" drinks are just as popular as the options listed on the coffee chain's official menu. Halloween-themed secret menu drinks are taking over social media for autumn, and one unique Starbucks location is offering a werewolf-themed Frappuccino dubbed the "Wolfman."
The Wolfman is on the menu at a Starbucks in Disney Springs, a shopping complex adjacent to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The drink consists of a Java Chip Frappuccino with an extra espresso shot, which is evocative of a werewolf with brown fur, topped off with strawberry puree, which creates a spooky blood-like effect.
Instagram user @pixiedustedfun says the final drink tastes like a chocolate-covered strawberry. The Wolfman may not be on the menu at other Starbucks locations, but you can enjoy this drink as a secret menu item by ordering it as a custom Frappuccino, so long as you're very clear about what you want and tip your barista.