Wolfgang Puck cooking in kitchen
The Secret Ingredients Wolfgang Puck Uses To Flavor Pea Soup
When split pea soup hits your tongue, you want to taste a complex sweet, savory, and creamy flavor. Wolfgang Puck uses secret ingredients to create this delicate balance.
Puck uses a few drops of honey with a little lemon juice to add a touch of sweetness and a bright and tangy complexity to his soup.
The chef advises you to be conservative in your use of honey, saying he keeps the amount to just a “touch” to avoid overwhelming the soup with sweetness.
Lemon also balances the honey to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds, and does the same for the salt and pork in your pea soup to prevent too much saltiness.
Combined with the peas, onions, carrots, garlic, fragrant herbs, and ham or other cured pork product, honey and lemon create a balanced soup that isn't too savory nor too sweet.