Fries with pepper
The Secret Ingredient To Lend Fries An Earthy Burst Of Flavor
French fries are an irresistible comfort food, whether enjoyed inside or outside your kitchen. Salt is traditional for fries, but mixing it with a certain herb adds more interest.
Try sprinkling some tarragon over your fries for a wave of unexpectedly delicious flavor. This green herb has compelling notes of licorice, mint, vanilla, eucalyptus, and pepper.
Tarragon’s sweet and earthy aroma and elegant balance of bitter, sweet, and botanical can take your fries from tasty-but-basic to an outstanding side dish.
You may know tarragon from French Béarnaise sauce, so try pairing your tarragon-dusted fries with similarly creamy mayo-based sauces. They also still pair great with ketchup.
You can use either fresh or dried tarragon, but if you opt for dried, you’ll want to use a lot less than you'd think, since dried herbs have a much more concentrated flavor.