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The Secret Ingredient That Will Improve Your Frosting
Frosting can take many forms, and while each type calls for a different set of basic ingredients, a few extra additions can make your frosting even better. We already know that add-ins like marshmallow fluff can add flavor and texture to frosting, but there's another secret ingredient that can elevate even the simplest of recipes.
A bottle of white vinegar has many uses, some of which extend beyond household cleaning or savory cooking recipes. Adding just a teaspoon of white vinegar to buttercream frosting, or any sort of frosting recipe that involves boiling, can improve the texture and prevent the final coating on your cake from turning hard or cracking.
Beyond this textural improvement, white vinegar can also balance out the flavor of your frosting without making it sour or off-tasting. When using vinegar for flavor purposes, less than a teaspoon is enough to counteract a frosting's sweetness, yielding a well-balanced final product that offsets the sugary sweetness of your cake.