The Secret Ingredient That Will Change Your Pot Roast Forever
Food - Drink
If you like pot roast, you're in luck, because the internet houses a virtual trove of recipe variations that cater to every type of palate. However, we've got an unexpected, at-times polarizing ingredient that we're sure will win over even the most skeptical of diners.
Some recipes call for soup mix, some for ranch dressing mix and pepperoncini, or even beer and whiskey, but ginger snaps might be the best of all. With their heady dose of molasses and sultry ginger bite, the cookies lend a tasty, perfumed quality that complements the warmth, richness, and cavalcade of spices that pepper a pot roast’s broth.
So, the next time meal planning has got you stumped or you're feeling blah about the same old recipes, remember the sweetening and thickening properties of ginger snaps. Then take a cruise down the cookie aisle to grab the ingredient that may well become your spicy secret weapon.