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The Secret Ingredient That Will Change Your Homemade Bread Forever
There are tons of easy bread recipes for beginners, such as soda bread or quick bread but one quick and easy bread recipe you might not be as familiar with is ice cream bread. Although ice cream bread sounds intriguing, just how tasty is this sweetened bread?
The two popular ice-cream bread recipes out there is the Taste of Home and Ben And Jerry’s recipes. The Taste of Home recipe is said to be not too sweet and a delicious treat to serve with coffee, while Ben And Jerry’s recipe is made using just flour and two kinds of ice cream.
The key difference between the two bread recipes is that Ben And Jerry's emphasizes the need to completely melt the ice cream before combining it with the flour. The ice cream company even explains that giving the ice cream plenty of time to melt on its own, rather than using a heating element, will improve the results.