Pork ribs with pink salt on a cooling rack
The Secret Ingredient That Will Add A Punch To Your Rib Marinade
For many meat eaters, pork ribs are never complete without a delicious marinade. The right blend balances sweet and sour and gives a spicy kick.
Typically, marinades feature ingredients like garlic and chili powder, but one iconic veggie juice could give yours a needed boost: spicy V8.
First created by W.G. Peacock in 1933, traditional V8 features a tomato-juice base with a medley of other vegetables, including celery and spinach.
Spicy V8 is a variation of the classic recipe. It enhances rib marinades with a natural tomato sweetness, with the other veggies contributing additional spicy and savory notes.
To incorporate spicy V8 in your marinade, experiment with proportions until you find the perfect mixture. Use ingredients like ketchup and brown sugar to balance the flavors.
Place the ribs with the marinade in a resealable bag. Ensure the meat is fully covered, allowing the ribs to soak up the flavors for at least a few hours, or overnight.
The key is to experiment according to your taste. Once finished, the spicy V8 will have your rib marinade exploding with flavor.