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The Secret Ingredient Geoffrey Zakarian Uses In His Sauces
While most sauces taste just perfect even when conformed to their traditional and standard recipes, there are certain tricks that can take them to another level. One of these tricks is one followed by celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian: adding French salted butter.
With salted butter, the salt is added during the churning process which fully works the salt into the butter, enhancing its flavor, making for a better, more flavorful spread. And French butter has a higher fat percentage that makes a profound impact on a butter's taste and texture.
While the creamier and tangier French butter pairs well with bread and similar items, it also adds depth of flavor and richness to sauces, which is why Geoffrey Zakarian turns to it to make his own velvety sauces. As he told Food Network, "French salted butter is so creamy and amazing, and the salt adds such a luxurious richness to any sauce."