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The Secret Ingredient Geoffrey Zakarian Adds To His Crab Cakes
In addition to the variety of sauces and side dishes that pair with crab cakes, you can introduce new seasonings and flavors to reinvigorate and play with a classic Maryland crab cake. As for celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian, he has his own zesty ingredient he likes to add to take the spice levels of his crab cakes up a notch: Sriracha.
To prevent his crab cakes from tasting bland, Zakarian relies on good old Sriracha: "I think good crab cakes are packed with a little kick and I've found that Sriracha holds its own against Old Bay.” To pair with his crab cakes that pack a punch, Zakarian likes to whip up an aioli, which “adds a tasty kick while being a cooling addition to a warm crab cake."
In addition to crab cakes, this Thai hot sauce can amp up the flavors in a variety of recipes, including mild soups, salsas, eggs, and grilled cheeses. Featuring ingredients such as chiles, sugar, salt, garlic, and distilled vinegar, Huy Fong-brand Sriracha has captured the hearts and taste buds of millions around the globe.