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The Secret Ingredient For Your Next Old Fashioned Cocktail
One of the best things about cocktails is just how versatile a single drink can be, and the infinite ways to customize it to your tastes. One of the most classic drinks is the old fashioned, and you can put a twist on this cocktail by adding a secret ingredient to the usual whiskey, sugar cube, and angostura bitters.
A classic old fashioned is made by stirring the whiskey, bitters, and sugar, pouring the mix over ice, and garnishing with a lemon or orange wedge and a maraschino cherry. If you like using an orange peel to give the drink a hint of orange flavor, try adding orange bitters to the mix to amp up the citrus flavor.
The addition of orange bitters gives the drink a more bitter, yet brighter flavor, in addition to the citrusy twist. The next time you’re bartending at home, try adding equal parts orange and Angostura bitters to the whiskey and sugar; it's sure to impress any visiting cocktail connoisseurs.