Homemade Festive Sweet Potato Pie For Thanksgiving
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The Secret Ingredient For Simple Sweet Potato Pie
Although you may only think of it as a Thanksgiving staple, sweet potato pie is a traditional dessert in the American South that can be a part of a non-festive meal as well. Tasting Table’s recipe for sweet potato pie features a secret ingredient that recipe developer Miriam Hahn says makes it stand out among other versions.
While most sweet potato pie recipes call for either brown sugar or a combination of brown and white sugars, Hahn’s take on sweet potato pie contains coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is similar to brown sugar, but has a caramel taste that perfectly accents sweet potatoes.
Hahn says she likes using coconut sugar since “it is slightly less processed than white cane sugar and contains the soluble fiber inulin which helps reduce a blood sugar hike.” Hahn adds that if you don’t use the entire bag of coconut sugar, you can store it without worrying about it going rock hard like brown sugar, and it will be available the next time you make sweet potato pie.