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The Secret Ingredient For Rich And Creamy Vegan Gravy
Whether you like it thick or thin, gravy is a delicious addition to your meal if prepared properly, but is often made from meat drippings or stock, making it unsuitable for vegans. Luckily, preparing a rich gravy to go with your vegan entree is still easy if you use this delicious, plant-based ingredient replacement.
The soft consistency of boiled lentils is actually the perfect way to make your gravy thick and creamy. A recipe from Going Vegan For Health recommends cooking lentils in vegetable broth until they’ve absorbed all the liquid and have completely broken down, then mixing them with almond milk, tamari soy sauce, and seasonings.
Since the soft lentils break down very easily, you don't really need to use a blender; however, you can blend up the gravy for smoother results. Try stirring in a mixture of water and cornstarch using an immersion blender if you like your gravy thicker, and for a more umami-forward flavor, you can’t go wrong with a touch of white miso.