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The Secret Ingredient For Creamy Cherry Pie Filling
With a blend of sweet and tart flavors, a ruby-red color, and a flaky crust, there’s something classic yet impressive about a cherry pie. A traditional pie with a starch-thickened cherry filling is great, but next time you bake, you should try adding this secret ingredient for a deliciously creamy and indulgent twist.
If you make cherry pie outside of the cherry season, odds are you're picking up some canned cherries, so try to snag a can of sweetened condensed milk while you're at it. This concentrated product consists of evaporated milk combined with sugar; it's powerfully sweet and creamy, and a tiny can goes a long way.
Once you have your secret ingredient, pour the cherry filling into a bowl and slowly add in your sweetened condensed milk; remember, this stuff is powerful, so make sure to taste intermittently to prevent sugar and richness overload. Then, bake as usual, and enjoy your uniquely delicious cherry pie with an extra-rich texture.