David Chang smiling at an event.
The Secret Ingredient David Chang Utilizes For Flavorful Shrimp And Polenta
Creamy polenta served with shrimp can serve as an excellent dinner party meal, especially if you take a note from Chef David Chang and throw in a touch of dashi.
Made from kelp seaweed and dried bonito fish flakes, dashi is a savory broth that has helped define umami and is frequently used in Japanese dishes.
In a quick, easy, and straightforward process that can take less than 20 minutes for any home chef, Chang uses powder of the flavorful broth to enhance a serving of polenta.
To do so, Chang cooks water, polenta, and dashi powder until the polenta becomes creamy and soft. Then, he mixes in a tablespoon of butter into the prepared dish.
Bacon-flavored shrimp cooked with garlic, scallions, and thyme are added to assemble the meal. For the finishing touch, poached eggs crown the dish.
If dashi isn’t at your local markets, plan in advance by making your own flavorful broth at home, which can be stored and kept for use in other recipes, such as miso soup.
Alternatively, stock dashi powder or dashi soy sauce in your pantry for easy, quick inclusion into polenta, noodle, and pasta dishes, tofu recipes, and marinades.