McDonald's French fries and burger
The Secret For Keeping Your Takeout French Fries Fresh And Crispy
Fast food french fries may be delicious, but they can quickly lose their crispiness. To prevent them from turning soggy on the ride home, try to leave the paper bag open.
Steam softens fried foods by adding moisture to the exterior. This is why the fries you get with delivery orders are often soggy, as they've been sitting in a closed bag or package.
An open bag allows steam to escape, keeping the fries crisp, but it can cool down your food. If your ride home isn't long, the fries shouldn't get too cold if they were served hot.
This open-bag trick works best with classic french fry containers you get from places like McDonald's or Burger King. They have an open top to let the steam out.
For restaurants that use closed containers, you’ll need to take off the lid and open the bag. Containers that have holes or slots work the same as fully open containers.
If your fries are cold by the time you get home, just pop them in the toaster oven or air fryer until they crisp up, or heat them in the oven at 400 to 450 F for a few minutes.