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The Secret Codes Restaurants Use For Their Biggest VIP Guests
Restaurant code language is used by staff to communicate efficiently, and some code words at restaurants are used to discreetly communicate about the guests.
Important guests are called VIPs, but guests who are referred to as PXs, or "personne extraordinaire," are even more important. PXs are seated in a PDR, or a private dining room.
A step above PXs are guests who are dubbed as PPX, which stands for the fancy French term "particulièrement extraordinaire." There's yet another tier above PPX as well.
The top 1% of diners at restaurants are called WTW, a shorthand to signal that these select few guests are to be given "whatever their hearts desire" during their visit.
The label of PX, PPX, or WTW and some deep pockets may get you special treatment by the wait staff, but that doesn't come with a free license to act however you want.
Despite being a celebrity TV host, James Corden once was rude towards waitstaff and got "86'd" from a restaurant, meaning he was kicked out and banned.