Deep fried chicken
The Secret Batter Ingredient That Makes Fried Foods Even Crunchier
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside fried foods, and to achieve this deep-fried goodness, you should reach for this secret ingredient.
EverCrisp is an obscure but useful product that can seriously upgrade fried foods. It’s made from wheat dextrin, or wheat starch that has been broken down into smaller molecules.
Wheat dextrin can minimize the amount of moisture food absorbs when frying, resulting in a lighter, crisper, and less greasy outer coating with a beautiful golden color.
If you’re coating food in flour, replace 20% of your flour with EverCrisp. You can also turn it into a batter or sprinkle it on foods like homemade fries for an extra-crispy bite.