Pouring a glass of whiskey from a bottle
The Search For Hidden Cases Of Canadian Club Whisky Spans 60 Years
Canadian Club Whisky’s "Hide a Case" promotion kicked off in 1967 — and it’s still going. The company hid 25 cases of whisky worldwide and challenged fans to find them.
Cases have been found at iconic locations such as Angel Falls in Venezuela, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and at Australia's Great Barrier Reef, but nine are still missing.
While the brand no longer supports the initiative, records indicate cases are still hidden at places like Loch Ness in Scotland and on Robinson Crusoe Island in Chile.
In 1979, the Canadian Club hid a case somewhere in Lake Placid, New York to coincide with the 1980 Winter Olympics. Four decades later, local Tim Robinson set out to find it.
On November 7, 2020, Robinson confidently set out to unearth the treasure but came out empty-handed after a 15-hour search. He is still hell-bent on finding it.
While Robinson acknowledges the treasure may be long gone, he remains optimistic, telling Tasting Table, "My goal is to have this completed because it's such a cool story."