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The Seafood Ice Cream That's Worth Trying With An Open Mind
There’s an ice cream flavor out there for everyone — maybe you’re a typical chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry lover, or you like to experiment with unusual flavors. If you fall into the latter category, and also love seafood, you should know that seafood-flavored ice creams have been rising in popularity around the globe.
In America, Maine-based Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium has served lobster ice cream for decades, and further east, Japanese confectioners have created seafood ice creams that are worth a try to truly expand your horizons. For one, Aomori prefecture in Northern Japan serves up scallop soft-serve with a dab of wasabi.
Scallop and wasabi work well together in frozen form, without an overwhelming scallop flavor. In the city of Yaizu, one purveyor serves squid ink ice cream, which is sweet and salty with an underlying fishy flavor; if you need convincing, know that the city has seen an uptick in tourists following the promotion of this ice cream.