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The Scientific Reason Smoke Preserves Food
Smoking was initially used as a preservation method, but over time the technique evolved into an art form. The process involves using a combination of smoke and salt to preserve meat, but why does this process work and what are the dangers of trying this process at home?
There are a few different reasons why smoking helps preserve meat. The heat kills microbes and chemicals found in smoke act as preservatives. These chemicals collect on the surface of the meat and help prevent the development of microorganisms. The smoke also helps dry the meat, a process that is accelerated by the addition of salt.
However, smoked meat won't last indefinitely. If you are going to use this process at home make sure to note that the meat should be fresh, cleaned, dried, and salted. If you're careful and take additional precautions to cure the meat, smoked meat can last for a few weeks in the refrigerator.