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The Scientific Reason Coffee Tastes Better From Freshly Ground Beans
Anyone researching the best ways to make a cup of coffee will quickly find that a common recommendation is to start buying whole coffee beans. While pre-ground beans are undeniably convenient and can save a lot of time, when it comes to the best way to make coffee, freshly-grinding beans right before brewing will always win.
Coffee starts to lose its flavor and aroma as soon as its exposed to oxygen and moisture in the air — once coffee is ground, about 60% of its aromas degrade within just 15 minutes. Another concern is "off-gassing," which, per Café Altura, is the process of the coffee bean letting off carbon dioxide, and it plays a vital role in a coffee's first "bloom."
Within 24 hours of being roasted, a coffee bean will let off approximately 40% of its total CO2 before the process slows dramatically. MTPak Coffee says it's important for the beans to let off CO2, as they are at peak flavor after about a week from roasting, and when coffee is ground too ahead of time, the valuable gasses deteriorate, resulting in a bland flavor.