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The Scientific Discovery That Changed The Art Of Wine Pairing Forever
Wine pairing is a mystery to most people, giving rise to wine experts revealing the subtleties of complementary or contrasting flavors. In many ways, wine pairing is less about the elusive instincts of a revered sommelier and more about the science involved, especially when it comes to the world’s newest “fifth taste” discovery.
Umami has become accepted by scientists, chefs, sommeliers, and foodies as the fifth flavor, and though umami can be added to dishes in the form of MSG, it generally occurs naturally in some foods as a savory or meaty flavor. According to TableAgent, that taste seems to have a significant impact on how we pair food and wine.
Wine expert and author Tim Hanni advocates mastering umami to transform how meals and wine can complement each other, as any wine can pair with any food as long as you know the subtleties of food preparation and cooking. Learning the intricacies of umami can broaden one’s wine and food palette with bold pairings and new flavor horizons.