Different cuts of raw steak on a cutting board
The Science Of How Tenderizer Powder Works On Steak
Some cuts of meat like steak chuck, flank, skirt, or pork shoulder are quite affordable, but have a tougher texter. Meat tenderizing powder offers a quick path to tender meat.
Meat tenderizing powder contains an enzyme that weakens the bonds between muscle fibers. When sprinkled on meat, it decreases the shear force needed to cut and chew it.
Shear force refers to the pressure you need to apply to cut up the muscle strands in the meat. Super tender cuts require little shear force, while tougher cuts need more.
It’s important to remember that the effects of tenderizer powder are only noticeable on the outer ¼ inch of the meat, so it’s great for steaks and chops, but not a whole pork roast.
This powder is easy to use, but don’t let the meat rest for too long, or it may become mushy. Sprinkle a generous amount on the meat and wait for just 15 to 30 minutes.