Traditional breakfast scrambled eggs with fried bacon. Top view.
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The Science Behind Custardy Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs are a classic breakfast staple found on almost every menu, which makes sense as it is one of the most common uses for eggs. There are various ways to prepare scrambled eggs, and one method is the classic French style that offers a rich, custardy, almost soup-like texture.
Per Food Crumbles, eggs are great at trapping air thanks to the protein in them, which is why thoroughly whisking eggs in a bowl before cooking leads to fluffy scrambled eggs. For perfect, custardy scrambled eggs, however, the key is to keep whisking constantly while cooking to prevent the proteins from forming in the first place.
Another important factor in achieving custardy scrambled eggs is to cook at an even, low heat. Serious Eats says that cooking the eggs at a low temperature while whisking them frequently will keep the eggs from puffing up, as the low heat prevents gasses and water vapor from expanding during cooking.