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The Scandinavian Potato Bake Anchovy Fans
Need To Try
Anchovies have long been viewed by Americans as a super-salty, polarizing ingredient for a Caesar dressing or a topping for a pizza, but in other parts of the world, briny, tiny, cured fish are a beloved delicacy in everyday cuisine. The Swedish potato dish known as Janssons temptation is a must-try for true anchovy lovers.
No one is sure about the origins of this dish, but one theory is that it was named after food enthusiast and opera singer Mr. Janzon, who was active in the early 1900s. Janssons temptation is a simple gratin-like dish of potatoes, onions, cream, and bread crumbs, as well as anjovis, which translates to "anchovies."
Though the Swedish know anjovis as "anchovies," they're actually a different species of fish called sprats. Sprats are similar to anchovies, being small, oily fish, but they are slightly sweeter and add a special flavor to the baked casserole; good quality anchovies can still stand in if you want to make Janssons temptation at home.