kaffeost, swedish coffee with squeaky cheese
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The Scandinavian Coffee Drink That Features A Bite Of Cheese
There's no shortage of unique coffee drinks from around the world, including Vietnamese iced coffee, Italy's many famous coffee beverages, and Scandinavian coffee with cheese. The region of Scandinavia is one of the top ten coffee-consuming nations in the world, so this odd-sounding combo has clearly been approved by java devotees.
The combo of coffee and cheese is called kaffeost, and the cheese used is juustoleipä or bread cheese, a sweet, non-salty semi-soft cheese that was once made using reindeer milk. Adding juustoleipä to kaffeost is comparable to adding marshmallows to hot chocolate, as the creamy cheese absorbs the coffee without melting away.
The juustoleipä provides the drink with an added layer of richness, and the drinker can enjoy a gooey mass of slightly sweet cheese on top of intense coffee. Today, juustoleipä is made from either cow or goat’s milk, but the experience remains a truly Scandinavian ritual that combines unique indigenous ingredients with a modern cup of java.