Caesar salad in bowl next to small bowl of shredded cheese
The Savory Exchange For Anchovies In Caesar Salad Dressing
To get all the savory, salty, fishy, umami flavors of anchovies in your Caesar salad dressing without the anchovies themselves, sub them out for fish sauce.
Frequently used in Asian recipes, fish sauce is made from the leftover liquid that develops as a result of fermenting fish, including anchovies. It blends easily in salad dressing.
This makes fish sauce a great shortcut for achieving those delicious, umami flavors while helping you avoid opening smelly tins of anchovies and chopping them.
To use this swap, grab a whisk or a fork. Combine all the salad ingredients in a bowl, except for the oil, and then whisk vigorously as you slowly drizzle in the oil.
A teaspoon or two should do the trick, but feel free to taste the dressing and add as much as you'd like. Worcestershire sauce can still be used alongside fish sauce.
If you want to get even more creative, you can use anchovy paste, or combine miso paste, soy sauce, and blended dried mushrooms to create a strong punch of umami.