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The Sandwich Alton Brown Dubbed New York City’s Best
You’ve probably seen signs hanging in big-city restaurant windows, claiming that the establishment serves the city’s best coffee, pancakes, or burgers. These signs may catch customers’ eyes, but they don’t necessarily carry weight; however, celebrity chef Alton Brown says this one sandwich actually is the best in New York City.
According to Brown, the best sandwich in New York City comes from a restaurant called Porcelain in Queens. On Instagram, Brown posted a picture of the sandwich, captioning it, “In my opinion, the best sandwich in NYC: The mortadella egg [and cheese] at [Porcelain] (that big slab is actually steamed egg, not cheese).”
The sandwich is available during Sunday Lunch, and is served on a pain au lait bun with mortadella, an Italian emulsified sausage cold cut, and topped with pickled peppers and chili mayo. Porcelain opened in 2019, but has already earned a place in the Michelin guide to New York City, plus the honor of serving Brown’s favorite sandwich.