Slices of halloumi cheese \
The Salty Cheese That Fries Up To A Perfectly Flavorful Snack
A common staple in the Mediterranean, halloumi is a semi-hard cheese traditionally made with sheep milk that's salted and brined, resulting in a distinctly salty and tangy flavor.
While the grill is a popular way to instill a smoky, slightly crunchy exterior to halloumi, frying is much quicker and produces results that are just as tasty.
Frying halloumi encompasses various techniques, from pan frying in olive oil to breading and deep frying. You could even dust it with starch and stick it in the air fryer.
You can also pan-fry halloumi dry, letting its own fat content create crisp, brown edges. However, breading and oil both provide a great opportunity for seasoning.
Alternatively, try pan-frying halloumi steaks in olive oil and shower them with dried spices and seeds while they're still hot to create a textured crust.