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The Safest Ways To Remove The Pit Of An Avocado
By Claire Redden
As avocados have become more popular, avocado-related injuries have taken the country by storm, accounting for almost 9,000 trips to the emergency room in 2018 alone. The injury has become so common that doctors refer to it as “avocado hand”. To avoid “avocado hand” ditch the knife and use these techniques instead.
Use A Spoon
For this technique, you may find it easier to use a smaller spoon with a pointier tip, but whatever spoon you choose, simply situate its edge under the narrower side of the pit and gently lift it out for a perfectly pitted avocado without sacrificing any fingers.
Use Your Fingers
For a trustworthy and safe way to remove avocado pits, look no further than your own hands. Simply place your index and pointer fingers on either side of the avocado pit like a peace sign, and with your thumb on the backside of the avocado gently push and the pit will pop out.