Appetizing smoked fish mackerel, on white background
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The Safest Fish To Eat Every Day
When it comes to seafood, “safe” can take on several meanings. Mercury content is the main concern, as even small amounts of it can cause serious health issues.
Sustainability and the catching of endangered or at-risk fish is also a concern. For a fish that has both low mercury and high sustainability, give Atlantic mackerel a try.
Atlantic mackerel might be the best fish to eat every day. The FDA recommends two servings of fish a week, and regular fish consumption can help reduce the chance of heart disease.

If you like to eat more fish than that, Atlantic mackerel contains just 0.005 parts per million of mercury. Compare this to swordfish with 0.995 ppm and bigeye tuna with 0.689 ppm.
Atlantic mackerel grow and repopulate swiftly, so they're not in danger of overfishing. The trawls used to catch them are also ocean-friendly, leaving their habitat intact.
Atlantic mackerel is a great accessible, low-mercury option to get the omega-3 fatty acids and protein benefits of fish. It's also easy to choose it over more overfished species.