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The Rustic Mushroom Tart You Need For Fall
The season for fall flavors is upon us, and the earthy and rich umami essence of mushrooms make them a popular choice, especially when mixed with cheese and baked into a tart. Making traditional pie crust can be tricky, so Bon Appétit suggests making a galette, a rustic, folded pastry formed by hand and baked flat on a baking sheet.
When rolling out flaky dough for a galette, aim for a ⅛ inch thickness, and thoroughly sauté and brown your mushrooms, since they can hold a surprising amount of water and you don’t want to overload your tart. A Beautiful Plate notes that the umami flavor of mushrooms mixed with bold blue cheese offers an irresistible fall-like flavor.
A tart hint of sour cream in the flaky crust also cuts through the flavor of mushrooms infused with rosemary, thyme, or After your cooked mushrooms cool down, crumble blue cheese or goat cheese over them and spread the filling evenly across the single layer of pastry dough, fold the edges in, and don’t forget the egg wash.