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The Romantic Origin Story Of Italy's Triple Burro Pasta
Triple burro pasta, also known as triple butter pasta, is a rich and decadent dish that has become a favorite among pasta lovers around the world. However, you might not know that this creamy pasta dish has a unique origin story that dates back to 1907 when it was invented by Italian chef Alfredo di Lelio, who also invented fettucini alfredo.
Triple burro pasta gets its name from the many times that butter is added during the cooking process and after the dish is done. That much butter sounds like a lot of calories, and that’s actually intentional because di Lelio invented the dish as a way to nourish his wife after giving birth by providing her with easily-digestible calories.
Word of di Lelio's triple butter pasta quickly spread, and it became a popular dish among locals and visitors alike. Then in 1927, two visiting American actors, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, were so impressed with the dish that they brought the recipe back to Hollywood, where it quickly became a favorite among celebrities and foodies.