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The Rock 'N Roll Activist That Inspired Ben & Jerry's Retired Wavy Gravy
In 1987, Ben & Jerry’s released their first rock ‘n roll-themed ice cream: the Cherry Garcia, named after Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead, which remains one of their most popular flavors today. The company's next brush with rock music happened by chance in 1993, and led to the creation of the Ben & Jerry’s Wavy Gravy flavor.
New York's 1969 Woodstock festival introduced the world to Wavy Gravy, a counterculture activist, poet, and painter who became known as the Master of Ceremonies and emcee at Woodstock. Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s, known for his corporate activism, bought out Wavy Gravy after hearing him perform at a benefit for homeless children.
Wavy Gravy agreed to Cohen's proposal of a collaborative ice cream flavor, and the new ice cream with caramel, cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnut fudge, and roasted almonds became a fan-favorite. Though it was retired after eight years, the flavor returned for a time in 2005, and Wavy Gravy himself is also continuing activism work, even into his eighties.